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Atlanta Computer Recycling Provides Complete Sustainable, Cost-Effective Solutions For Recycling & Disposal Of Electronics To Businesses Around Atlanta. Click On The Service Links Below To Get Started. Call (770) 740-6640 Or email info@atlantacomputerrecycling.com

Are you A residential Customer? Unfortunately, We Only Provide Business To Business Services. For Residential Services or For Drop Off Contact Beyond Surplus Or Reworx Recycling

Computer recycling in Atlanta (ACR) is becoming increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits. It helps protect the environment by reducing the amount of hazardous materials that can be released into the atmosphere. Additionally, it provides a source of income for those who recycle computers by selling them, either for parts or as a whole.

Computer recycling in Atlanta is an important part of helping to reduce the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills. Atlanta-based companies are taking steps to ensure that reusable components and materials are safely and responsibly recycled. By doing so, they are helping to preserve the environment and protect our planet.

Atlanta Computer Recycling Provides Sustainable Cost Effective Solutions

Atlanta Computer Recycling Has Services Options For Commercial Organizations. We are the premier Atlanta IT Equipment Disposal Company. If you are looking for electronic recycling near me we can help. Green Atlanta Specializes in Electronics Recycling Services and accepts a comprehensive list of e-waste for responsible recycling. Call Or Email Us to get started recycling today.

Atlanta Computer Recycling Data Destruction Service

We offer Free hard drive wiping using the DoD 5220.22-M 3 Pass data sanitization methods that will prevent all software-based file recovery methods on all hard drives picked up or dropped off at our warehouse. Hard drives & storage devices deemed to be too old or non-functional will be shredded.

Atlanta Computer Recycling Equipment Removal & Logistics

We use our own equipment, our small but mighty fleet of box trucks to facilitate pick-up and delivery. Atlanta Computer Recycling will provide the labor to de-install and pack equipment on site.

Atlanta Computer Recycling IT Equipment Disposal

Green Atlanta offers Custom BULK IT Equipment Disposal & IT Asset Disposal to colleges, school districts, hospitals, large corporations and government agencies.

Atlanta Computer Recycling Data Center Decommission Service

Data Center decommission or shutdown projects require comprehensive planning, swift turnaround times and coordinated simultaneous parallel activities. Part of this project will include the systematic disposal of retired IT assets. Atlanta Computer Recycling Can Help.

Green Atlanta Computer Recycling Services

How Atlanta Computer Recycling Service Works

At Atlanta Computer Recycling We Are Confident That We Have A Convenient, Cost Effective eWaste Disposal Service To Meet Your Requirements! Our Services Are Tailored For Commercial Organizations. Atlanta Green Takes The Guess Work Out Of eWaste Disposal & Keeping Atlanta Green By Recycling.

Commercial Customer? Contact Atlanta Computer Recycling To Get Started

Whether you are a small or large business, local, state or federal government agency, medical or industrial facility or school ACR has the ewaste disposal program that works for your organization regardless of the industry and scope of operations. Click The link below to find out how can help you recycle or dispose of your computer or IT Equipment responsibly.

Residential Customer? Contact The Companies Below To Get Started Today

Are you A residential Customer? Unfortunately, We Atlanta Computer Recycling Only Provides “Business 2 Business” Services. For Residential Services or For Drop Off Contact Beyond Surplus Or Reworx Recycling. The companies above are the premier go-to companies for residential electronics recycling services in Georgia.

Kind Words From ACR Customers

Positive Feedback From All Across Atlanta From Businesses Large Or Small, Residential Customers. We Look Forward To Earning Your Review.

I work at a major hospital in Atlanta. Over the years we had accumulated a lot of data containing devices servers, storage arrays etc. We did not know how and what to do with them until i saw their billboard. If Hipaa compliance is a requirement like us call GAR.


Mary Sequoia

System Administrator

Atlanta Computer Recycling is amazing. I’m an IT manager and I recently had to travel to Atlanta to shut down an office. A friend recommended them since i was not familiar with the area. They were knowledgeable, Extremally helpful and accommodating.


Philip Glacier

IT Manager

I was in charge of disposing some of our old office equipment prior to employees returning from working from home. Atlanta Green staff helped unload a whole Uhaul van of equipment. Convenient service, Call Or Email First. Thank you!


Amy Redwood

Office Manager

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Get Started Recycling Your Computers, Laptops, Servers, IT & Data Center Equipment. Atlanta Computer Recycling Has taken the guesswork out of safely and securely recycling all your computer old equipment. We handle pickup, removal, data destruction and hard drive shredding.

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